The Sedalia Katy Depot

Sedalia Missouri's  Visitor Center and Year-Round Historic Railroad Destination

Railroad Slang

Would you like to eat out of a nosebag? Read the railroad slang definitions below to see just what that is!

Ambulance: A caboose
Bake a Cake: To build up steam
Banjo: A fireman's shovel
Boomer: Transient railroad worker
Buggy: Observation car
Bull: Railroad policeman
Crowbar Hotels: Jail
Crummy: Caboose
Diamonds: Coal
Doubleheader: Train with two engines
Flip: To board a moving train
Fresh Fish: A new hand
Gaffer: A section boss
Gandy Dancer: Section worker
Gasket: A doughnut
Gay Cat: A hobo willing to work
GrassWagon: A tourist car
Grease the Pig: Oil the engine
Gum Shoe: Railroad detective
Hasher: A waitress
Hog: Railroad engine
Hogger: Engineer
Hotbox Dick: A car inspector
Hotshot: A fast train
Jailhouse Spuds: Waffled potatoes
Jerkwater: Small town or local train
Jerry Gang: A section crew
Jungle: Hobo camp
Junk File: A worn out locomotive
Keester: A suitcase or trunk
Kettle: A small locomotive
Lamb's Tongue: A fifty cent tip
Lizard Scorcher: A cook
Make-up: Assemble cars into a train
Mountain Pay: Overtime
Mud Chicken: A surveyor
Mule: A brakeman
Night Owl: A late passenger train
Nosebag: A lunch bucket or bag

Parlor Boy: A flagman
Pearl Diver: A dishwasher
Pot Walloper: Dishwasher
Pussyfooter: Railroad policeman
Rail Head: End of a railroad line
Rat: A freight car
Rattler: A fast freight train
Red Eye: Stop signal
Redball: Fast freight train
Rintail: A hobo
Reefer: Refrigerator car
Roughneck: A brakeman
Rubberneck Car: Observation car
Saw 'er Off: To cut a car off a train
Shack: A brakeman
Shiny Pants: A railway clerk
Shoofly: A temporary track
Shuffle: To switch cars
Silk Hat: A railway official
Sinker: Doughnut
Skipper: Engineer
Sleeper: A cross tie
Slip Car: A carload of bananas
Smooth: A ten cent tip
Snoozer: A Pullman car
Snozzled: Drunk
Soup: Water
Spur: A dead end track
Straw Boss: Section gang foreman
Swellhead: Engineer or Conductor
Tallowpot: Fireman
Tin Can: A buffet car
Tin Hat: A railway official
Toothpick: A railroad tie
Torpedoes: Beans
Ukelele: A short-handled shovel
Whiskers: Seniority
Yard Geese: Switchman
Yard Goat: Yard switch engine