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The Sedalia Heritage Foundation

The Sedalia Katy Depot is managed by the Sedalia Heritage Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the interpretation of Sedalia's rich heritage and to the preservation, care, and operation of the historic Katy Depot.  The SHF manages the Katy Depot in partnership with the Missouri Division of State Parks. 
SHF Board Members:

Kyle Herrick, President

Joe Fischer, Vice President

Connie Patterson, Secretary

Daniel Pilliard

Steve Ellebracht

Deborah Biermann, Exec Director

Jill White, Site Manager

(Ex-officio members: Larry Melton/Ragtime Archive, Daniel Brigman/Katy Trail State Park, Cris Cruz/ railroads)


Visitor Center Staff:

Kathleen Boswell

Scott Miller

Shelley Rounds

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