The Sedalia Katy Depot

Sedalia Missouri's  Visitor Center and Year-Round Historic Railroad Destination

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The Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra CD


David E. Bourne, Conductor, featuring pianist Richard Zimmerman

Dixie Blossoms; Portuguese Rag; Sweetmeats; Ma Pickaninny Babe; Slavery Days; Silver Bell; Miss Dixie; Cubanola Glide; I Want to be in Dixie; Peaceful Henry; Alexander's Ragtime Band; Repasz Band March; America; I Love you; Coon Hollow Capers; Hyacinth Rag; Friendship Cafe Rag; Cotton Time; King Crap; Bombasto March; Yankee Girl; Ramshackle Rag; Silks and Rags Waltzes; Eli Green's Cakewalk; Raggy Trombone; Bohemia

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