The Katy Depot

Sedalia's Welcome Center and Year-Round Destination

Join Us On A Fascinating Journey Along Sedalia's Heritage Trail

The whistle is blowing, the signals are flashing, so walkers, bicyclists and motorists, it’s time to travel down the great Sedalia Heritage Trail, where a trainload of treasures await your pleasure. We have chosen a few Whistle stops along the way, to enhance your enjoyment, but please feel free to stop and gaze anywhere your heart desires. There is a lot to see and much to enjoy. We’re proud to be called the Queen City of the Prairie.

Now, take a deep breath and step back in time to 1861 and visualize a little prairie town, which consisted of only two blocks between Ohio and Kentucky Avenues. It had three or four houses, a small store, post office and a couple of hotels. And then came the railroad...


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