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MoPac Caboose coming to the Katy Depot

Donations needed to move MoPac Caboose 12099 to the Katy Depot.   

The Sedalia Heritage Foundation announces the kick-off of its Caboosters fundraising campaign through the internet-based crowdfunding site called Kickstarter. Caboosters has been created to raise $12,099 for the relocation and restoration of Missouri Pacific Caboose 12099—otherwise referred to as the “pink caboose.”

The caboose will be moved from its current location on the Missouri State Fairgrounds to track next to the Sedalia Katy Depot later this year.  Its exterior will be restored to its original color scheme with proper MoPac signage and the interior converted for various uses.

 Those interested in contributing can go to, type in the word “Caboosters,” (or search under the Art / Public Art category) and go directly to the fundraising campaign. There is a written description as well as a video prepared by KSIS radio that describes the project. 

You can choose from various levels of donation and receive a gift for your generosity. Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising website—meaning that the full amount requested must be raised by October 31 in order to receive any of it.

Help us reach our goal of saving this vital piece of Sedalia’s railroading history—pledge your support and pass on the news to others who might also wish to contribute.

Help the Sedalia Heritage Foundation reach its goal to save this important artifact of Sedalia’s railroad history.

Background on the project: 

The Missouri Pacific Caboose / Sedalia Visitor Information Center project began early in 1986 at a time when the Sedalia MoPac shops was soon to be closed.  The Shop Superintendent approached the Chamber/CVB to determine interest in receiving a caboose to serve as a Visitor Center.  The caboose project resulted in a unique partnership between the City of Sedalia, the Chamber/CVB and the Missouri State Fairgrounds lasting from 1986 until 2013. 

 We are currently unable to post the video, the link however is 



Changes in priority by each of these partners left a determination that the caboose needs a new owner, new purpose and new location.

Acquisition by the Sedalia Heritage Foundation and relocation to the Katy Depot site has been identified as the best option to preserve its historic integrity and to expand its role in interpreting railroad heritage.

 Since its restoration in 2001 the Katy Depot Landmark serves the public as Sedalia’s Welcome Center; year round visitor destination; heritage interpretive center, Katy Trail State Park full service trailhead; and recently the Missouri Division of Tourism has designated the Katy Depot as an Affiliate State Tourism Welcome Center.

The MoPac Caboose is the first piece of rolling stock acquired by the SHF and will support interpretation of the Missouri Pacific Railroad’s contribution to the legacy of caboose design and construction.  Long-term use of the caboose might expand to offer it as event space or model railroad display.

Missouri State Parks, as owner of the Katy Depot and adjoining Katy Trail trailhead, partners with the Sedalia Heritage Foundation to support preservation, maintenance, interpretation, promotion and operation of this historic site and has authorized use of track located north of East Fifth Street for this project.

An estimated $10,000 was needed to relocate and rehab for reuse. Various sponsorships levels are eligible as a charitable donation.  Sale of commemorative merchandise will support ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

 Thanks to our CABOOSTERS :

Kyle Herrick, Bryant Motors; Steve Loftus, NTS Metals; Chuck Kempton, Dugan Paints; Robert Stevens; Barbara Hayden,  Starline; Steve and Donna Poort; Matt Melville, Melville Properties; Bob Walters; Meg Liston; Daniel Brigman; Steve Dust; Jeree Smith; David Curry; Larry Wilson; Townsquare Media; Carolyn Crooker, Sedalia Convention & Visitors Bureau; Union Pacific Railroad Foundation.

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